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本项目的客户非常喜欢收集多余的建筑材料,经年累月他也有了一系列规模可观的“收藏品”。因此他希望建筑事务所de baes & associates能够使用这些“收藏品”来将一座废弃的商店改造为一个办公室兼复式住宅空间。这是一个十分与众不同的项目框架,也为建筑师带来了设计的机遇和挑战,其中第一个挑战便是对建筑外墙的处理。原有的外墙过于怪异,空有后现代的形式,毫无内容可言,以致于跟周边的环境完全脱节。


The client brought us an unusual framework for this project: to transform an abandoned building which used to be a local store into an office and a duplex apartment by reusing unwanted materials which he collected over the years. The first notable challenge was the outer shell of the building, which was so misshapen that it lacked any connection with its context. It was only postmodern form, without content.

We started solving the equation by moving the entrance of the office to the side so that the apartment floors could use the curtain wall for ambient daylight. This drastically reduced construction costs since we could use the existing atrium as a central entrance to the house. The integration of the former storefront also strengthened the building’s relationship with the street while creating a division between private and public spaces.

▼住宅外观局部,居住空间可利用玻璃外墙实现自然采光,partial exterior view of the house, the apartment floors could use the curtain wall for ambient daylight


▼从室外露台看上层的生活空间,viewing the living area on the upper floor from the terrace

Inside the building, a new direction was introduced. The existing framework was used as boundaries to delineate different zones for different purposes, creating separate atmospheres whilst keeping an open view to the landscape at the back. A wavy, translucent curtain wall made of polycarbonate was installed to act as a filter towards the street, as well as a mirror to add a whimsical touch to the design.

▼室内空间一览,设有一个由碳酸聚酯打造而成的波浪状的半透明弧形玻璃幕墙,interior view of the house with a curved, wavy, translucent curtain wall made of polycarbonate

▼室内空间,局部采用浅绿色墙体,partial interior view of the house with light green walls

▼室内空间局部,弧形的玻璃幕墙将室内的生活区域与室外的街道环境分隔开来,partial interior view, the curved translucent curtain wall acts as a filter towards the street

▼室内空间局部,弧形的玻璃幕墙为设计增添了一种奇异的触感和视觉效果,partial interior view, the curved translucent curtain wall adds a whimsical touch to the design

▼半透明玻璃幕墙细节,details of the curved translucent curtain wall


Halfway through our design process we were invited to visit the client’s warehouse. Some people collect works of art, others collect stamps and coins. Our client, interestingly enough, collected building materials sourced from second-hand websites and auctions: from parquets, plywood panels and an old villa door to a gas fireplace and a complete kitchen. In contrast to the usual course of events whereby specific reusable materials are searched for to realize a design, in this instance the design process was reverse engineered in order to be able to build a home which could vividly encapsulate the sustainability vision shared by the owner and the architect alike.

▼连接一二层空间的室内楼梯(左),阳光透过外立面,在室内墙壁上投射下迷人的光影效果,the interior stairs connecting the lower and upper floors (left), the sunlight penetrates through the exterior curtain wall, projecting a light and shadow effect on the wall (right)

▼浴室,贴有白色的马赛克瓷砖,the bathroom with white mosaic tiles

▼浴室空间细节,details of the bathroom


Maximizing the reusability of all spaces and available resources had become the leitmotif in the design of this house. The thoughtful application of unwanted materials created myriad possibilities for a constantly changing relationship with the context. At the same time, the openness and choice of construction elements like the wavy polycarbonate wall allow for new interpretations of the space, providing the tabula rasa with diverse purposes to cater for future needs and desires.

▼室内楼梯夜景,night view of the interior stairs

▼室内半透明玻璃幕墙夜景,night view of the translucent curtain wall

▼夜景,从住宅的居住空间向外看,viewing the surroundings from the interior living area of the house at night

▼住宅外观夜景,night view of the house



Design Firm: de baes & associates
Location: Belgium
Type: Architecture
Materials: Polycarbonate, Wood, Ceramic Tiles, Reused Materials
Category: Houses, Residential Architecture, Commercial Architecture

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